Webinar HBV Cure 101 (Europe)- Recording Now Available

On  24 November 2021 ICE-HBV, together with Liver Patients International organized the Webinar HBV Cure 101 with a focus on Europe. The purpose of the event was to bring together scientists researching Hepatitis B and the community that is affected.

You can (re)watch the webinar here:

Program & Topics:

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  • 0:00:00 – Intro and Housekeeping by Capucine Pénicaud (ICE-HBV)
  • 0:02:08 – Opening Remarks George Kalamitsis (Liver Patient International)
  • 0:03:06 – HBV Cure Research 101 by Dr. Fabien Zoulim. Download presentation here.
  • 0:16:38 – Clinical Perspective on HBV Cure Research by Dr. George Papatheodoridis. Download presentation here.
  • 0:25:21 – Community Perspective, Hep Active by Silvana Lesidrenska. Download presentation here.
  • 0:32:26 – The European HBV Patient Registry, TherVac B by Dr. Markus Cornberg. Download presentation here.
  • 0:41:08 – IPcureB Project & Clinical Trials by Dr. Pietro Lampertico
  • 0:49:26 – HBV and Migrants in Europe Comsava Project by Camila Picchio. Download presentation here.
  • 0:59:00 Q&A Session & Discussion Some topics in the discussion were:
    -Trials underway in Eastern Europe (0:59:55)
    -International (clinical) studies (challenges even within Europe, etc.) (
    -Difficulty of doctors (in Bulgaria) finding patients for clinical trials – More collaboration with NGOs needed (
    -How can we influence EU regulations to make international clinical trials easier (
    -How can we put pressure on EU Parliament so regulation is changing? (

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