HBV Cure Webinars for community have been taking place the past few years with ICE-HBV and partners from around the world, aimed at empowering the community by equipping them with the knowledge needed to understand the HBV cure research that is taking place for their benefit. Based on this idea, a group of organizations working  on Hepatitis B are partnering to create an enduring tool for people to understand the cure research. This tool, the HBV Cure FAQs, will be a collection of videos answering key questions relating to HBV cure research.

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Listen to hepatitis experts answer these commonly asked questions.

Why do we need a Hepatitis B? by Danjuma Adda

What do we mean by Hepatitis B cure? by Dr Thomas Tu

How possible is a cure for Hepatitis B? by Dr Fabien Zoulim

What do we need to achieve a Hepatitis B Cure? Anti-virals, Immunotherapies or both? by Prof. Ulrike Protzer

What could a cure for Hepatitis B look like? By Prof. John Tavis PhD

Clinical Trials: Why do we need them? What do we mean by Phase 1,2, and 3? by Dr Philippa Matthews

Translated subtitles are able to be accessed in a number of languages, thanks to support from the Stephen Urban Foundation:




Chinese (Mandarin)

The HBV Cure FAQs were created in collaboration with the following organizations: