Dear Friends of ICE-HBV,

Your can support ICE-HBV and  make a difference for people living with hepatitis B worldwide. To make a donation online please visit this webpage. ICE-HBV funds are managed by the University of Melbourne, Australia.

You can also make tax deductible donations by visiting and following the relevant link for your country. Tax deductibility is available for tax payers in the US and Canada as well as the UK and Hong Kong. When donating from overseas, please make sure that you enter “Doherty Institute – ICE-HBV’ into the ‘other area to support’ box.

If you would prefer to donate via bank transfer, or over the phone, please contact Melbourne University Gift Processing team on +61 3 9035 4054.

Your donation will support the delivery of HBV cure priorities, in particular the coordination of emerging projects on animal models, serum biomarkers, point-of-care assays and the global HBV research investments mapping.

Thank you for your support.