HBV Serum Biomarkers Workshop

ICE-HBV is organizing an virtual and interactive workshop on HBV biomarkers endorsed by the International HBV Meeting. The event is aimed at scientists, clinicians, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry representatives.  The workshop, chaired by Anna Kramvis and Peter Revill, is put together by the ICE-HBV serum biomarkers working group. Both classic and future biomarkers will be discussed. The workshop will lead to a consensus statement on promising serum biomarkers. 

The workshop will be divided in two sessions, held on Monday Oct 5 and Monday Oct 12, 2020, via Zoom. Both sessions will start at 12PM GMT, go for approximately 2.5 hours each, and will be recorded.

Free registration is open here.

Background & Objectives:

Functional cure, the loss of HBV surface antigen is the major goal of many HBV cure strategies, using direct acting antivirals and anti-HBV immune-stimulating responses. On the other hand, complete cure involves the elimination or inactivation of the covalently closed circular DNA (cccDNA) reservoir.  As new therapies are developed and tested, there is an urgent need for serum biomarkers that can:

  • accurately correlate with cccDNA expression in the liver,
  • predict HBsAg loss,
  • measure stimulation of host antiviral immune responses
  • screen HBV carriers in order to identify those at high risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma

Although a number of alternative HBV serum biomarkers have been proposed, including HBV RNA and core related antigen, their clinical relevance, in all settings of chronic HBV infection, has yet to be resolved.

In this workshop, a range of experts will discuss the latest advances and identify knowledge gaps in our understanding of serum biomarkers.  They will discuss challenges that need to be overcome to ensure the utility of various biomarkers in the clinic and for screening new antiviral therapies. Presentations will be complemented by two in-depth discussion panels that will debate these challenges and propose a way forward.


October 5 – 12 PM GMT

  • Welcome and aims of the workshop. Anna Kramvis
  • Summary of the Viral Serum Biomarker Landscape.Barbara Testoni
  • Summary of Immunological Serum Biomarkers Landscape. TBC
  • What is serum HBV RNA? Florian Van Bommel
  • What is core related antigen? Jianming Hu
  • Utility of serum biomarkers to follow clinical phases of chronic hepatitis B. Harry Janssen
  • Panel Discussion – What are the virological and immunological gaps that need to  be addressed? What biomarkers are most needed to meet HBV cure endpoints? Chair: Adam Gehring


October 12 – 12pm GMT

  • Welcome and summary from last week by Peter Revill
  • Biomarkers of HBV cccDNA expression. TBC
  • Biomarkers of Occult HBV infection. Teresa Pollicino
  • Biomarkers of liver cancer. Patrizia Farci
  • Point of Care Testing – an unmet and urgent need. TBC
  • From Bench to Bed: Relevance of biomarkers used in in vitro and in vivo model systems to the clinic. Dieter Glebe
  • Industry Panel Discussion: What are the most clinically relevant biomarkers?
    Chairs: Fabien Zoulim and Mala Maini
  • Concluding remarks and next steps. Anna Kramvis
This event is endorsed by the HBV International Meeting.