Hepatitis Commodities Access in Resource-Limited Settings

This tool is a mapping of hepatitis procurement processes for prevention tools, diagnostics, monitoring and treatment, the aim is to increase awareness and information on cost and procurement within the hepatitis community, in order to increase access to viral hepatitis medicines and technologies in low-and-middle income countries, including HBV birth-dose vaccine, HBV treatment and HCV cure uptake.

HBV Research Protocols

There is an urgent need for centralized repositories of HBV-related materials that are readily accessible to HBV researchers globally. Critical to this will be quality assurance of the samples, and the availability of matching clinical data. This repository of HBV-related research protocols is designed to facilitate studies and the development of new drugs.

HBV Cure FAQs: All you need to know to understand HBV cure research

For the past few years HBV Cure Webinars for community have been taking place, aimed at empowering the community by equipping them with the knowledge needed to understand HBV cure research. Now an international consortium of organizations, coordinated by ICE-HBV, have come together to create an enduring tool for the community to understand cure research. This tool, the HBV Cure FAQs, will be a collection of short videos that answer key questions relating to HBV cure research.