Protocols – Submission Guidelines

How to submit:

  • Register for an account for ICE-HBV website.
    • If you have waited at least 30 minutes and no email has come through to set a password for your account and you have checked your junk/spam folders, email ICE-HBV at for assistance.
  • After registration and completing your account, you will have access to submit protocols and make comments.
  • After submission, your protocol will be reviewed by ICE-HBV and then published. You will be notified when your protocol has been published.
  • Submitting comments:
    • All comments will be reviewed by the ICE-HBV before being made publicly available. If/when approved, the author of the protocol will be notified of your comment.

Word limits:

  • Ensure your protocol sections are within the section word limits as any words over the limits will not be included.
  • Section word limits are:
    • Title: 30 words
    • Author’s Information: 30 words
    • Introduction (optional): 150 words
    • Materials and Reagents: 1000 words
    • Experimental Procedures: 3000 words
    • References: 1000 words

Protocol format:

  • Title: Coherently and succinctly describe the method and purpose.
  • Authors: Please include all members who contributed intellectually and/or practically to the procedure. Please include a first and last name for all authors. Ensure the main author is first and the most senior author is last.
    • An email address for the main author must be included, and if applicable an email for the most senior author should be included. The authors’ email addresses will be available for email queries from others following the protocol.
    • Affiliations must be included in the appropriate section for all authors. Do not use sub/superscript as these will be converted into regular sized numbers. Preferably, put numbers in brackets e.g. (1), (2)…
  • Introduction: This section is optional, and should include a short outline of your protocol and its purpose and use. Please include a mention of the original publication for the protocol in this section to allow for correct citation by users. 
  • Materials and Reagents: This section should list the composition of all buffers, media, solutions, and specialist equipment etc. that are necessary for implementing the protocol.
  • Experimental Procedures: Describe in detail the individual steps necessary to carry out the protocol. This can be entered as a numbered list or as bullet points. Please indicate any tips, tricks, notes, alternatives or nuances to improve user’s technique. Please include enough information for readers to make informed decisions as to what route to choose if alternatives are provided. Letters of the Latin alphabet and Roman numerals cannot be included. If tables or figures are included, please submit these as images.
    • If a table results in the word count being over 3000 words, it can be included as an image.
    • Figures must be entered as images. Please ensure diagrams or images have a background that is not transparent. Ensure figure captions and legends are part of the image, not separate in the text. There is a limit of six (6) images per protocol. Please submit in .JPEG or .PNG
  • References: References are numbered sequentially as they appear in the protocol. Include links if reference texts are available online. Referencing style is to the discretion of the authors, but must include all authors, the title, journal name, volume, issue and page numbers (if applicable). Ensure there is a reference to the original publication from which the protocol is adapted. Please include a link to this publication.
  • Categories: Select as many categories from the list that are applicable to your protocol. This will mean that your protocol will be included when users are refining their search by categories.

Website guidelines:

  • Only serious protocols will be approved for submission.
  • All protocols submitted are the intellectual property of the authors.
  • Submission of any spam into the protocol submission page will result in deactivation of your account by administrators.
  • We accept and encourage the exchange of ideas, including differences of opinion in the comment section. Attacking or harassing an individual, however, is not acceptable and will result in account deactivation.
  • Lewd, threatening, racist, abusive, hateful or violent language is not tolerated by the ICE-HBV. Including this language in protocol submissions or comments will result in account deactivation.
  • Political propaganda and content is inappropriate and will not be approved for publication.
  • Personal or commercial solicitation or advertising is not allowed.