HBV Community Forum Recording at the 2021 International HBV Meeting

On  30 September 2021 around the 2021 International HBV Meeting in Toronto, ICE HBV, together with the Hepatitis B Foundation organized the 2nd Hepatitis B Community Forum. The event was aimed at bringing together scientists and the Hepatitis B community.

You can watch the video here:

Program and Video Timestamps:

0:01:34 – Orange Shirt Day Introduction by Dr. Carla Coffin on Orange Shirt Day

Session I: Update on the Global Response to HBV

0:03:17 – Welcoming Remarks by Dr. Timothy Block
0:06:30 – HBV Science 101 by Dr. Thomas Tu
0:15:30 The Road to HBV Cure – New Findings by Dr. John Tavis
0:26:45 Towards HBV Elimination by Dr. Chari Cohen
0:36:19 Q&A Session moderated by Dr. Jordan Feld

Session II: The Challenge of Hepatitis B in Canada – Community Forum 0:49:12 – The HBV Epidemic in Canada by Dr. Carla Coffin
1:01:36 – Community Forum Stories from Lived Experiences (Craig, David, and Miral)
1:01:54 Craig
1:05:33 David
1:10:58 Miral
1:15:15 Q&A Session with Community Forum

1:25:17 Closing Remarks by Dr. Harry Janssen

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