“All you ever wanted to know” about HBV at the NoHep Village – Global Hepatitis Summit in Toronto, June 16

ICE-HBV is partnering with CEVHAP and the Yellow Warriors Society to organise hepatitis B focused activities at the NoHep Village in Toronto. 

We want to engage researchers from all disciplines, heath care providers, people living with hepatitis B  and the local community, to encourage the meaningful participation of the community affected by hepatitis B in research to help ensure that research on hepatitis B  cure is made in partnership with people living with hepatitis B rather than for them, and that everyone involved is accurately informed about cure research and its potential outcomes. This would contribute to optimal cure preparedness, thus fostering the acceleration of the elimination of viral hepatitis.

On 16 June at 12:30 PM (free entry for everyone) for:

All you ever wanted to know about hepatitis B science but were afraid to ask. A scientific literacy workshop designed for the community and health care providers.


Slides can presented by Dr. Margaret Littlejohn can be found here.

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