Scientific Advocacy at work! Australia to allow Sydney Vo to apply for new visa

We are pleased to announce that the deportation of Ms. Sidney Vo from Australia just because she is chronically infected with HBV has been stopped by a last minute intervention of an Australian minister. Ms. Vo gave a powerful presentation at the Public Forum that was part of the HBV Meeting in Melbourne. In it, she described in very personal terms the impact that the stigma from being diagnosed with HBV can have. Ms. Vo’s appeal of her deportation order was supported by a world-wide publicity campaign, which included strong support from ICE-HBV, the Hepatitis B Foundation, and the HBV meeting organizers.
Ms. Vo’s situation is an example of the stigma and discrimination that a great many people living with HBV face on a daily basis. Hopefully the publicity this case generated will call attention to the stigma of living with HBV and prompt changes that help others who face similar issues.
An article describing Ms. Vo’s struggle to remain with her son in Australia can be found here.

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