Advances in new drugs to for curing Hepatitis B and Hepatitis D announced at ILC 2021 (EASL Press Release)

Thursday 24 June 2021 (Geneva, Switzerland)– Leading hepatology researchers announced important new developments in hepatitis research at the International Liver Congress 2021 today. This includes new data on antivirals to cure Hepatitis B and Hepatitis D and the application of infusion chemotherapy with P-1 inhibitors to treat liver cancer.Other announcements included a review of  the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on efforts to eliminate Hepatitis C in the U.S and some encouraging data from a trial of a new liver dialysis  device to treat acute on chronic liver failure (ACLF).

“Scientists and advocates have long argued that if we are realistically going to eliminate Hepatitis B, then we will need a functional cure,” said Philip Newsome, Secretary General of EASL and Professor of Experimental Hepatology and Director of the Centre for Liver Research at the University of Birmingham in the UK. “The results from the trial of RNAi therapeutic drug VIR-2218 are an encouraging example that a cure is possible sooner than later with potential real-world implications for the 300 million people living with the disease.”

Each year 30 million people become newly infected with Hepatitis B and  an estimated 884,000 people die each year from the disease and related complications such as liver cancer.

Today’s official press conference highlighted five studies covering treatment and cure research for hepatitis and acute on chronic liver failure selected from over 1500 abstracts being presented at ILC 2021.

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