HBV Research Protocols

There is an urgent need for centralized repositories of HBV-related materials that are readily accessible to HBV researchers globally. Critical to this will be quality assurance of the samples, and the availability of matching clinical data. This repository of HBV-related research protocols is designed to facilitate studies and the development of new drugs.

This project is designed to complement the upcoming NIAID reagents repository by making corresponding quality-controlled research protocols available freely for all researchers around the world.

When citing protocols from this database, please cite the original publications from which these protocols have been adapted. The origin of these original publications can be found within the protocols. Please also acknowledge this ICE-HBV Protocols Database. Any questions can be directed to info@ice-hbv.org

The review of these protocols has been led by Haitao Guo and the ICE-HBV working group members including Lena Allweiss, Maura Dandri, Jianming Hu, Jake Liang, Margaret Littlejohn, Peter Revill, and Barbara Testoni.

The development of the database is coordinated by Marley Easterbrook.

HBV Ribonuclease H FRET Assay

Cassandra Kukla, Nathan Ponzar, and John Tavis. Saint Louis University, St. Louis, USA

Saint Louis University
  • This assay detects the activity of HBV RNaseH using fluorescence resonance energy transfer
  • The ribonuclease H (RNaseH) substrate is an RNA DNA heteroduplex in which an RNA oligonucleotide contains a fluorophore and the complementary DNA oligonucleotide contains a fluorescence quencher. ... [Read more]

Hepatitis B Virus Polymerase Epsilon RNA Binding Assays

Daniel N. Clark, Scott A. Jones, Jianming Hu

Penn State University College of Medicine
  • HBV polymerase activity is assayed by measuring its ability to bind viral RNA at a secondary-structure motif, the epsilon (e) stem-loop structure.
  • HBV polymerase is expressed in cell culture to yield its binding-active form and RNA may be supplied in culture or... [Read more]

In Vitro Hepatitis B Virus Polymerase Priming Assay

Daniel N. Clark, Scott A. Jones, Jianming Hu

Penn State University College of Medicine
  • HBV polymerase activity is assayed by measuring the first step in DNA synthesis, protein priming, wherein the polymerase becomes nucleotide-labelled.
  • This in vitroassay uses a plasmid-based expression system performed in cell culture, producing a chaperone... [Read more]

Immunofluorescent Staining for the Hepatitis B Core Antigen in frozen Liver Sections

Lena Allweiss, Marc LĆ¼tgehetmann, Maura Dandri

I. Deptartment of Internal Medicine, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany
  • The HBV core antigen (HBcAg) is the structural protein of the viral nucleocapsids but is also recruited to the nuclear HBV persistence form. Thus, HBcAg can be detected in the cytoplasm and nucleus of infected hepatocytes.
  • Here, we ... [Read more]