EASL & ICE-HBV Research Think Tank: Overcoming the challenges to cure HBV infections at the International Liver Congress

ICE-HBV & EASL will present their joint HBV Cure Think Tank once again in 2020.

EASL and ICE-HBV invite you to a Research Think Tank on April 15 (8 to11 am) in London to discuss the basic and clinical research gaps that need to be overcome to achieve an HBV cure from the scientific and patient perspectives, as well as explore the latest advances and new insights in translational research towards HBV cure. The Think Tank is open to delegates of the International Liver Congress.

A series of short lectures will be followed by in-depth panel discussions on the following topics:
• Novel approaches to accelerate cure in clinical trials
• Are novel biomarkers advancing HBV cure?
• The patient perspective on HBV cure
• Occult infection vs functional cure
• Which patient populations should be included in clinical trials?
• Manipulating the immune system to achieve an HBV cure
• Standardised approaches to detecting the HBV cccDNA reservoir
• Advances in studies of the liver microenvironment through the use of fine needle aspirants

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