Update on HBV Cure at ILC 2018

POSTED ON: 30 May, 2018

While it would be inappropriate to promise that a cure will be available within a precise timeline, hope is strong and the scientific community – academic and industry alike – is clearly racing in that direction as shown during the International Liver Congress (ILC) in Paris in April 2018 . Currently, almost 50 new anti-HBV and HDV molecules are being openly developed, 16 of them are already undergoing phase II clinical trials. Among them, HBV entry and egress inhibitors, several formulations of RNA interfering/destabilizing agents, capsid assembly modulators (CAMs) and immune modulators.

Pre-clinical studies in animal models presented at the ILC 2018 indicate that the most promising strategies are based on the combination of different direct and indirect antiviral approaches. Indeed, inhibition of viral replication and antigen production seems to be necessary but not sufficient to avoid viral rebound at treatment cessation. In mice models of HBV replication, the combination of effective new direct antivirals (CAMs, siRNAs) with therapeutic vaccination followed by immune boosting gave promising results about the possibility of achieving a HBV “functional cure”, i.e. stable viral suppression and antigen clearance accompanied by the appearance of protective antibodies without viral rebound after therapy stopping. However, a specific effect on intrahepatic cccDNA pool has not yet been proved in these regimens and cccDNA targeting remains a crucial objective for future strategies.

HBV Pre-Clinical Studies Session at ILC 2018
The Hepatitis B Foundation Drug Watch

“All you ever wanted to know” about HBV at the NoHep Village – Global Hepatitis Summit in Toronto, June 16

POSTED ON: 17 May, 2018

ICE-HBV is partnering with CEVHAP and the Yellow Warriors Society to organise hepatitis B focused activities at the NoHep Village in Toronto. 

We want to engage researchers from all disciplines, heath care providers, people living with hepatitis B  and the local community, to encourage the meaningful participation of the community affected by hepatitis B in research to help ensure that research on hepatitis B  cure is made in partnership with people living with hepatitis B rather than for them, and that everyone involved is accurately informed about cure research and its potential outcomes. This would contribute to optimal cure preparedness, thus fostering the acceleration of the elimination of viral hepatitis.

On 16 June at 12:30 PM (free entry for everyone) for:

All you ever wanted to know about hepatitis B science but were afraid to ask. A scientific literacy workshop designed for the community and health care providers.


Slides can presented by Dr. Margaret Littlejohn can be found here.

ICE-HBV at ILC 2018

POSTED ON: 17 May, 2018

ICE-HBV had a booth at ILC 2018. This was a great opportunity to connect with clinical researchers from all over the world. An update on HBV cure research presented at EASL will be availaible soon.

ICE-HBV members met and adopted new governance rules and their 2018-2022 vision, to be released soon.

5th ANRS Workshop on HBV Cure and International Liver Congress

POSTED ON: 06 Mar, 2018

ICE-HBV is delighted to endorse the 5th ANRS workshop on HBV cure which will be held in Paris on 10 April 2018. The programme can be found here. 

We will have a booth at the International Liver Congress, please visit us during exhibition times on booth #822, just next to EASL community hub.

Experts will be there during morning breaks to present our work and answer your questions. See the programme:

Joan Block joins ICE-HBV Board

POSTED ON: 07 Nov, 2017

ICE-HBV is delighted to announce that Joan Block, Co-Founder of the Hepatitis B Foundation, is joining the Governing Board as first community representative.

More about Joan here. 

ICE-HBV at the World Hepatitis Summit

POSTED ON: 07 Nov, 2017

ICE-HBV took part in the World Hepatitis Summit in Sao Paulo on November 1-3, 2017, joining 900 delegates from all over the world. The World Hepatitis Summit is a large-scale, global biennial event to advance the viral hepatitis agenda. It is a joint initiative between World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Hepatitis Alliance – in collaboration with a different host country for each Summit.

Among others news, WHO announced that in 2.8 million additional people starting lifelong treatment for hepatitis B in 2016 was a marked increase from the 1.7 million people starting it in 2015.

ICE-HBV presented a poster and held an international consultation on its scientific priorities and governance systems, attended by delegates from five continents (picture). ICE-HBV was also presented by ANRS as part of the plenary presentation by Prof. Christian Trepo.

ICE-HBV Poster at the World Hepatitis Summit 2017

ICE-HBV at the World Hepatitis Summit 2017

ICE-HBV at the HBV Cure Workshop

POSTED ON: 17 Oct, 2017

The HBV Cure Workshop is a scientific platform that acts as a catalyst to accelerate the progress for achieving a cure. This meeting will bring together the world’s leading basic, translational and clinical experts to share and discuss the latest research outcomes and challenges.

ICE-HBV members Stephen Locarnini and Harry Janssen are chairing the workshop, and many more will be speaking about their research towards an HBV cure! Find the programme here.