EASL-AASLD HBV Cure Endpoints Workshop

POSTED ON: 06 Nov, 2018

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together the academic, regulatory and pharmaceutical (diagnostic and therapeutic) communities to discuss therapeutic endpoints, trial designs, appropriate patient populations and safety concerns with regards to novel therapeutic approaches aimed to achieve HBV cure. This meeting will bring all the stakeholders together to discuss definitions of HBV cure, likelihood of HBV cure with currently approved therapies, preclinical and clinical data on novel antiviral and immune modulatory therapies, appropriate designs and endpoints for trials to evaluate therapies aimed at HBV and HDV cure, and strategies to efficiently and safely evaluate combination therapies. These discussions will provide guidance regarding potential pathways leading to regulatory approval of therapies that will result in high rates of HBV cure in individuals with chronic hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis D.



16th ISVHLD Global Hepatitis Summit

POSTED ON: 13 Dec, 2017


ICE-HBV will be present in Toronto at the NoHep village and in many sessions through our scientific working group members.



IVHEM 2017

POSTED ON: 17 Oct, 2017

The IVHEM meeting is a global forum led by interdisciplinary experts seeking groundbreaking collaborations with other key initiatives for the translation and knowledge exchange of diagnostic and therapy advances of viral hepatitis. IVHEMs mission is to equip professionals in the race to eliminating viral hepatitis with the necessary toolkit for the practical application of national plans, new policies and R&D in order to achieve improvement of health on a larger scale.

4th International HBV Cure Workshop

POSTED ON: 17 Oct, 2017

The HBV Cure Workshop is a scientific platform that acts as a catalyst to accelerate the progress for achieving a cure. This meeting will bring together the world’s leading basic, translational and clinical experts to share and discuss the latest research outcomes and challenges.

Its organised by Virology Education and chaired by ICE-HBV members Stephen Locarnini and Harry Janssen.

2017 programme here.