Research Projects & Promotion

Standardization of quantitative cccDNA measurements

ICE-HBV participates to the DZIF-ANRS international research project on the standardization of quantitative cccDNA measurements.

The objective of this project is to develop reliable laboratory protocols for cccDNA quantification by  comparing  head  to  head  different  methodologies  and  by  exploring  new  strategies  to  improve  specificity of cccDNA qPCRs. Because of the need of international expertise and cross‐validation  among laboratories, different research groups worldwide (both academic and from the industry) are currently involved.

The group includes members from Gilead Sciences.

HBV Cure Mathematical Modelling (coming soon)

Research Promotion

ICE-HBV intends to foster the development of the following activities:

• Promotion and coordination of existing HBV cure events worldwide. Partnerships currently exist with the International HBV Meeting, the Science of HBV Cure, the ANRS Workshop on HBV Cure.
• Scholarship programmes for junior scientists and researchers from developing countries
• HBV cure prize for young investigators